Copenheart UK

Heart Centre, Rigshospitalet

The Heart Centre at Rigshospitalet is the primary host institution of the CopenHeart project. The Heart Centre perform internationally aknowledged cardiovascular research and has internationally aknowledged experience handling big numbers of patients with complex cardiological diseases as part of the the clinical everyday life. 
Heart Centre, Rigshospitalet
Phone: (+45) 35453445
Contact persons and project leaders: Ann-Dorthe Zwisler and Selina Kikkenborg Berg

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Gentofte Hospital, 
Cardiological Department P

Gentofte Hospital, Cardiological Department P is a crucial co-partner both researchwise and clinically. Together with the Heart Centre at Rigshospitalet, Gentofte Hospital, Department P, is the clinical site for the inclusion of patients to CopenHeart. A Ph.D. student is affiliated Gentofte Hospital. 

Cardiological Department P, Gentofte Hospital
Phone: (+45) 2442 9105
CopenHeart partner: Selina Kikkenborg Berg

Read more about Gentofte Hospital, Cardiological Department P (Note the link is a google translate version)

Local CopenHeart Training Centres

CopenHeart collaborate with several muncipalities on Sealand regarding rehabilitation of the project participants. The physical exercise starts at Rigshospitalet and can then continue at the local centres established in the muncipalities. 

List of local CopenHeart training centres in the muncipalities: 

Gladsaxe Muncipality, trænings- og plejeafdelingen (department of exercise and nursing)
Nina Greiffenberg, quality consultant

Gentofte Muncipality, Tranehaven,
Birgitte Christensen, managing physiotherapist
Greve Muncipality, Træningsenheden i Greve kommune (the Exercise Unit)
Benedicte Rostock

Guldborgsund Muncipality, Rehabiliterinsenheden (the Rehabilitation Unit)
Marianne Søgård Hansen

Helsingør Muncipality, Center for Sundhed, Idræt og Medborgerskab (Centre of Health, Sport and Citizenship)
Leder Annelene Bundgaard

Kalundborg Muncipality, Forebyggelses- og genoptræningscenter (Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre)
Jette Olesen, rehabilitation manager

Lolland Muncipality,
Pernille Paquali

Lyngby-Tårbæk Muncipality, Træningsenheden i Lyngby-Tårbæk kommune (the Exercise Unit)
GOP and general inquiries: Managing therapist Tina Urwald
Citizens and their exercise: Physiotherapists Camilla Kamph and Jane Seedum-Larsen
Location for the exercise:
Træningscenter Møllebo, Lyngby Hovedgade 1B, Kongens Lyngby
Phone: (+45) 45 28 46 52 


Patients with complex cardiological diseases need careful monitoring during physical exercise. So far the monitoring during exercise have been very complicated technically teknisk with lack of physical exhaustion and limited ways of excercise as a result. 

CorusFit is a company based in Jyväskylä, Finland. They have developent a new wireless monitoring technology which can overcome the above mentioned limitations. The cooperation with CorusFit and MErja Perhonen helps us to a guarantee of the security of each subproject. 

Heikinkatu 3 B, 40100 Jyväskylä, Finland
Tel: 050-436 6239
Collaborator: Merja Perhonen


The digital bureau Vertic Healthcare has experience with web-based research for the farmaceutical industry. Vertic has contributed to the CopenHeart project with web-solutions for the CopenHeart website, online questionnaires and online project administration.

Vertic Healthcare
Ryesgade 3A, 2, 2200 Copenhagen
Tel: (+45) 61 71 75 00
Collaborator: Mikkel Arnoldi

The European Centre for Register-Based Health-Related Population Research (ECREPH), Danish National Institute of Public Health (NIPH)

ECREPH, NIPH, at University of Southern Denmark is another key patner of CopenHeart. The institute has a long tradition of register-based epidemiological research within cardiovascular diseases and is hosting the Danish Heart Register. The register has register-based information on cardiovascular diseases in Denmark.

ECREPH is involved in the design of the register-based research and results within every subproject of CopenHeart and is responsible for the register-based collection of data, and the blinded result analysis. 

Europæisk center for Registerforskning
Statens Institut for Folkesundhed, Syddansk Universitet
Øster Farimagsgade 5 A, DK-1353 København K
Phone: (+45) 65 50 77 77
Collaborator: Associate professor Lau Caspar Thygesen

Copenhagen Trial Unit

Copenhagen Trial Unit, Rigshospitalet – the center for Clinical Intervention Research
is one of the key partners of CopenHeart and is in charge of the centrally administered part of the clinical studies.

The department share their knowledge and expertise within the key areas of clinical intervention research and systematic literature search. The Copenhagen Trial Unit is engaged in the design of the randomised studies and is responsible for the  execution of the centralized randomization and the logistics around the studies, including the blinded data typing.

Copenhagen Trial Unit, Rigshospitalet
Blegdamsvej 9, DK-2100 København Ø
Tel: (+45) 35 45 71 71
Collaborator: MD Christian Gluud