Copenheart UK

Collaborating institutions

Gentofte Hospital, section P, is an impotant research and clinical partner. Section P at Gentofte Hospital is together with the Heart Centre at Rigshospitalet the clinical site for inclusion of patient to CopenHeart. 

Heart Centre Aalborg at Aalborg Hospital and five european research centres (Bergen, Antwerp, Leuven, Berne og Tilburg) are important cooperating institutions for CopenHeart. The centres contribute as co-partners  and among other things to the exchange of scientists.

Economic evaluation is a key element in the implementation of new clinical interventions and economic evaluation is included as an important part of Copen Heart. The Danish Institute for Health Services Research (DSI) takes part in the economic analysis and focuses on the resources used in emergency care.

The interdisciplinary approach lead to several organisational challenges and an organisational analysis included in the project as part of the Medical Technology Assessment. Copenhagen Business School, Department of Organisation will be closely involved in the analysis.

As physical training is a key element in rehabilitation is the Association of Danish Physiotherapists an important partner. The organisation will together with CopenHeart establishing and running a Scandinavian training course designed for complex cardiology. 

The organisational and political institutions with the legal responsibility of rehabilitation in Denmark (Danske Kommuner [ass. of danish muncipalities] and Danish Regions) is part of the supervisory group to ensure the evidense is retained in local organisation praxis at the hospitals and in the primary sector.