Copenheart DK

CopenHeart and the Future direction of complex cardiac disease rehabilitation research

 CopenHeart Closing Event  3rd November 2017


Auditorium 2, Rigshospitalet, København

Kl. 13.30      Welcome 

Kl. 13.40      CopenHeart Results
                   Presentation of the CopenHeart project results by the research team

Kl. 14.25      Audience and research team discussion on the CopenHeart results

Kl. 14:45     Coffee

Kl. 15:00     Future directions for complex cardiac disease rehabilitation research
                   (from three international experts in the field)

                   Exercise based rehabilitation in complex cardiac disease
                   Professor Jean-Paul Schmid, Head of Department of Cardiology, Barmelweid, Switzerlan

                   Person-centred care and cardiac rehabilitation
                   Professor Philip Moons, Academic Centre for Nursing and Midwidfery,
                   KU Leuven, Belgium

                   Outcome measures in the modern era of cardiac rehabilitation
                   by Professor Neil Oldridge, Professor Emeritus and Senior Scientist, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee

Kl.16.30 Reception

Kl.18.00 Close of reception

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